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Where the science begins.

This phase is about creating a solution that meets your needs.

Now that we have a good understanding of your financial profile, we can make some recommendations about where to go from here.  We will provide you with the following services...

  • Pre-Approval Summary

    • Get a detailed report outlining how much you're pre-approved for, and how we qualified you for prospective lenders

  • Credit Bureau Review 

    • See your credit report, learn how lenders view your credit history​

  • Rate Analysis Report 

    • Compare the top 5 lenders you qualify for, and compare the payments, terms, and fine print

  • Refinance Report

    • If renewing or refinancing, compare your current situation to a new solution.  Compare payment amounts, the interest costs, and more

  • Personal Budget Review

    • Now that you are pre-approved for a mortgage, how does that fit in with your personal budget? 

This meeting is conducted over a second Zoom call which we will book with you once we complete the pre-approval application.

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